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Printed in the Taylor Daily Press - 17 May 2001

“Work Day at Jewish Cemetery of Rockdale”

Most Bar Mitzvah candidates think about all the practice they must do and their lessons with the Rabbi to learn the portion of the Torah they must read before the congregation on their appointed Shabbat.

Daniel Goldsticker, age 12, of Plano, Texas has different ideas. On Saturday, June 2, 2001 at 10:00 a.m. he will conduct a Cemetery Work Day at the Jewish Cemetery in Rockdale, Milam County, Texas. As part of his Bar Mitzvah, he has undertaken a Mitzvah Project to honor his two ancestors Henry and George Goldsticker who are both buried in the cemetery.

A Mitzvah Project is a "good deed for the community" and a mitzvah honoring the dead is particularly special because it is a deed that can never be repaid. A Bar Mitzvah is an important day in the life of a Jewish boy. It occurs on his 13th birthday and is a celebration marking his transition from childhood and acceptance as a man into the community of his fellow Jews.

Daniel is the son of Larry and Andi Goldsticker of Plano, Texas. He is the grandson of Ralph and Helen Goldsticker of St. Louis, Missouri and Milton and Shirley Singer of Dallas, Texas.

His Bar Mitzvah will take place Saturday, October 27, 2001 at Congregation Shearith Israel in Dallas, Texas.

The Hebrew Benevolent Society established the Jewish Cemetery of Rockdale in 1878 and the last grave was placed in 1939. The surnames of persons who are buried in the cemetery are: BLOCK, COHEN, COHN, COLLINS, CROWN, EMSHEIMER, GOLDSTICKER, KESTENBAUM, LOEWENSTEIN (Lowenstein), MALSCH, PHILIPSON, ROSENFIELD, and STEINBERG.

For further information contact Lynna Kay Shuffield at e-mail: lksfriday@sbcglobal.net or visit the "Texas Cemetery Preservation" Website at http://www.geocities.com/lks_friday/CEMETERY-001.htm or write P. O. Box 16604, Houston, Texas 77222-6604 or telephone: 713/692-4511.

“8th Air Force & WWII”

Did you serve with the 8th Air Force during World War II? Or do you know of anyone, including family members, who did? If so, the Mighty 8th Air Force Heritage Museum http://www.mightyeighth.org/ is looking for you!

According to the Museum, there has never been a complete roster of the 8th Air Force members. None of the individual group, wing, or unit rosters has come to the museum intact from WWII or the post-war period. The museum is gathering information on individuals who served with the 8th Air Force.

If you have personal documents containing names of anyone who served during WWII and wish to help bring more 8th Air Force members "back to Base," please contact the museum staff at e-mail: mighty8dev@aol.com or write: P. O. Box 1992, Savannah GA 31402 or telephone: 912/748-8888.

“What are Banns?”

When a couple wanted to be married outside of the civil authorities, they were required to publish “banns,” or an intent to be married, for three consecutive weeks at their local church or meeting house. If there was no objection to the marriage, the clergyman would marry the couple. Marriage by banns required no reporting to civil authorities and it was recorded only in the church records and perhaps the family Bible. Unfortunately, many church records have been lost, leaving many a genealogist searching for the old elusive family Bible.

The main objection to the marriage that could be raised was the question of an earlier marriage by either the man or the woman.

In this column, I will be glad to highlight and review any family history, genealogy, county history, or similar book, free of charge, if you donate a copy of the book or item. After it has been highlighted and reviewed, on a space available basis, it will be donated to the genealogy section of a library. You will receive an acknowledgment of the donation from the library. Mail item or book to me at the below address.

Lynna Kay Shuffield has written several books related to Texas genealogy and military history. She has spoken before numerous genealogy and veterans groups. Also, is a County Coordinator for the Texas GenWeb Project. Regretfully, she cannot help with individual genealogical research. Please visit the website for this column at: http://www.geocities.com/lks_friday/COLUMN-001.htm or if you have any questions, comments, suggestions for column topics, genealogy or historical society announcements, please contact her at: P. O. Box 16604, Houston, Texas 77222-6604 or e-mail: lksfriday@sbcglobal.net

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